Beyond Medieval is a next-gen metaverse focused on medieval fantasy, currently in development, where players are free to become whoever and whatever they want to do.

A metaverse with an economic system where every player matters, encourages player cooperation as, from an ingredient for a potion to a sword, all game elements are made or gathered by the players.

Access the benefits of owning or renting a home. The right to vote and to run for political office. Take control of the guard, raise or lower taxes, be corrupt or honest, appoint your friends.

A metaverse where you can socialize in every corner, especially in the taverns or inns, where the owners can organize attractive events. Develop a religion, a guild, a dynasty with other players.

How to play

You do not need to make any investment to play, but it helps the development of the project and gives you in-game and hopefully out-of-game benefits.

At the start of the game you will be able to work for other players in the metaverse, participate in tournaments or in the war. When you have a small treasure you will be able to develop your path more easily. Remember that you can play as you want. You can lie down in any corner and beg for alms. Or if you have made an investment, sell buildings or start a prosperous business.

There are no classes in the game, so you can change profession at any time or develop several at the same time. You can also use different weapons in the war, you gain experience with their use and lose it little by little as long as you do not exercise.

In Game Economy


Bixer: In-game currency and tradable out-game, Bixer equals gold in game. Total supply: 300,000,000

Bline: Tradable in-game currency, with ratio 1 Bixer = 100 Bline, Bline equals silver. Total supply: 30,000,000,000

Bicu: Tradable in-game currency, with ratio 1 Bline = 100 Bicu, Bicu equals copper. Total supply: 3,000,000,000,000

The bank

It is a game-controlled entity that provides licenses to third parties to set up player-run branches in exchange for providing liquidity. If you want to be a loan shark you must go to this bank.

It offers other services:
  • Vault
  • Solution to pay your workers automatically.
  • Currency exchange.


⦁ Name: Bixer
⦁ Symbol: Bixer
⦁ Decimals: 18
⦁ Network: Binance Smart Chain
⦁ Total Supply: 300,000,000
⦁ Bixer Smart Contract: 0xd842d8cfe374eff78236fa14d7bee6ea8c5cf8d1
⦁ NFT Smart Contract: 0x8bc38aab5a2722417b76835b01400ad3ff6051e1

The Bixer tokens were split in the following way:

⦁ 261 million Bixer tokens will be held as the game's internal economy, locked 1 to 4 years.
⦁ 20 million Bixer tokens will be provided as liquidity in Pancakeswap, locked 100 years.
⦁ 10 million Bixer tokens will be held in the development wallet, unlocked and will enter circulation at a rate of 2 million (or less) per year.
⦁ 8 million Bixer tokens will be held in the team wallet, locked 4 years.
⦁ 1 million Bixer tokens will be held in the community wallet, airdrops & marketing use, unlocked.
Wallet Allocation Lock
Game Wallet 261,000,000 (87%) Locked(76.62% - 3 years | 11.49% - 2 years | 11.88% - 1 year)
Dev Wallet 10,000,000 (3.33%) No (Vesting 5 years).
Marketing Wallet 1,000,000 (0.33%) No
Team Wallet 8,000,000 (2.66%) Locked(4 years)
Liquidity Pool 20,000,000 (6.66%) Locked(100 years)
Total Supply 300,000,000 269,000,000

Game Roadmap

It is a long roadmap with many features to implement, once we have the feedback board you can try to modify this roadmap, prioritizing a feature.


  • Website and social media launch.

  • Smart contracts deployed.

  • Funding Stage: Public sale of 25000 plots(0.25 BNB), allocated to the development fund plus Bixer Liquidity Pool.

  • Fair Launch 20 million Bixer tokens at a ratio of 1 BNB = 50,000 Bixer.

  • Website improvements:
    • Feedback board: bixer governance system, propose ideas and vote to include them in the game.
    • New landing page: preparing the ground for the build stage.

  • Bixer token apply listings: coinmarketcap, coingecko, dappradar, coinpaprika, ...

  • Building designer: A building designer to customize it as much as possible, a mansion for your character, a residential building to rent or partially sell, a business on the first floor... Multiple buildings on your plot optimizing all the land.

  • Exclusive Airdrop: Landowner claim of 10 Bixer tokens per plot, one week prior to Build Stage release.

  • Build Stage: Any landowner can make use of the building designer and start constructing their buildings by staking Bixer for a period of time to be determined.

  • NFT division mechanism: Allows to divide a building in multiple NFT, divide a plot according to its buildings.

  • Mobile/browser App: application to manage nfts, game currency, marketplace, building rentals.

  • Outgame Marketplace: Buy and sell plots, with or without buildings, sell complete individual buildings, rent simple apartments or workshops.

  • War stage: While the city and the world is taking shape let's open a little PVP gameplay, get equipment by ripping it from the cold bodies of your enemies.

    • Skirmish mode: Two teams (30 vs 30) face each other in a battle of short duration, less than 6 minutes. After the confrontation you will be able to collect all the loot that your character can carry.


  • War stage 2:
    • Battle mode: Similar to the previous game mode but more epic, big battles, salary, fame, loot.
    • The sword's path: To be disclosed

  • reBuild stage: new designs and new materials.

  • Work stage:
    • Public labor: also known as daily tasks or newbie jobs. Workers are daily remunerated. Logging, mining, farming, city guard.
    • Free labor: produces raw materials that you can sell such as fishing, hunting, herb gathering.
    • Own business: from a carpenter who makes furniture to decorate houses. A blacksmith who makes tools or weapons, a tailor who makes clothes, a usurer who lends money, a tavern keeper who serves beer, organizes concerts or fights, a merchant who sells all kinds of items, an alchemist who makes mysterious potions of uncertain outcome.

  • Tournaments: Join tournaments managed by players. Jousting, archery, melee and unarmed combat.

  • Political stage: Access to representative positions, control the level of taxes, control the city guard, be corrupt or honest.

  • NFT fusion system: Tool that will allow you to create and export your character.

  • Quest system:
    • First batch: unique daily missions.
    • Second batch: missions by players for other players.

  • The guild: Create your guild or join as a craftsman or criminal, share knowledge (recipes), create a common treasure.

  • First batch Game Wallet unlocked: 11.88% = 31 million Bixer token.


  • Gambling: Add more and varied gambling games for tavern, inn and brothel owners.

  • Dynasty: it's the time to create a great dynasty. Family tree, choice of heir. Marry an npc or another player.

  • Faith System: Create your own religion and spread it throughout the metaverse. Create inquisition and eliminate those who do not worship the chicken god.

  • Death: It's the time to die. You do not lose your properties, your character simply dies and you play with a successor. You can delay by going to churches, drinking potions, etc.

  • A new beginning: an event that will change the world of Beyond Medieval.
    • New events
    • New races: Dwarves, elves.
    • New skills: Magic.
    • New items

  • The way of the king: Become crowned king of these lands, new fiefdoms that players will be able to manage as a reward. Internal battles between nobles in real time and in the world. Join a side as a warrior, achieve positions of nobility.

  • Improved economic system: Local strategic resources, caravans, organized raids.

  • Bring real musical artists, jugglers and puppeteers into the game as npc.

  • Diplomacy: New diplomatic options and new actions for nobility and commoners. Rebellions. As a noble, to become independent and form a new kingdom or to dethrone the king. As a commoner, to reduce the level of taxes or expel the nobility.

  • Second batch Game Wallet unlocked: 11.49% = 30 million Bixer token.


  • Recipe creation program: Allow third party developers to add their creations to the metaverse by obtaining the unique recipe to make their product in game. Craft, share or sell your recipe.

  • Military orders, brotherhoods: Association of players with warlike interests, treasury, armory, ranks.

  • Bixer burning system: Start-up of this mechanism to reduce the total supply.

  • Magic school: Found a school of magic and sorcery, teach magic to other players. Or be part of a school as a student or teacher.

  • War Stage 3:
    • Raid mode: gather a group of players and launch raids. If you die you lose all your equipment, if you survive, you and your companions share the loot. PVE game mode where an undetermined number of players participate.

  • Third batch Game Wallet unlocked: 76.62% = 200 million Bixer token.


  • Justice System: trials, punishments, jail, prosecutors, judges, bounty hunters.

  • Medicine way: learn to heal and practice this new profession.

  • Exchange listing (Binance / Coinbase / / Kukoin / Bittrex)

  • Crafting revamped: recycle items to receive resources, use of Bixer (gold) as a component to craft valuable items.

  • From this point all your reasonable suggestions.


If you are having problems with gas it could be due to two factors, either you do not have enough balance in your Metamask account or you are trying to mint over the limit.

The nft minting limit is 25 per wallet account.

Terms and Conditions

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NFT public sale

There is a maximum of 25000 plots for public acquisition. Not all are equal in size and shape, will be revealed later, one week before the Build Stage. The price is 0.25 BNB per plot plus gas costs. You are acquiring a plot, not a building.


  • Owning a home, your character will be able to participate in more events, those players who do not have a residence will have to go to church or hospital and make donations or payments to recover .

  • You can run for political office in the city, you also have the right to vote.

  • You will receive a percentage of the tax revenue generated in your neighborhood. The more commercial activity, the more tax revenue.

  • As a plot owner you can design and build homes, or sell it.

  • As an owner of buildings, you can sell them, rent them out, and with the profits you can buy more real estate.

  • You can set up a variety of businesses, either to work in them, hire third party players to work for you or rent them to other players.

  • Finally and more ambitiously, you can set up a fellowship. A guild, a brotherhood, a secret society headquarters.